Life before 1900s

When entering Den Gamle By, you travel back in time to when the streets were covered with cobblestone and the buildings were made with half-timbering. Just as in a Danish market town in Hans Christian Andersen's day.

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Discover the 1920s

Moving onto the 1920s neighboorhood, you might notice how the whole scenery changes, with electric street lights, flat pavement and sidewalks. Visit the Bookshop and Ironmonger, and discover a Danish town in the 1920s.

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Remember the 1970s

In the 1974 neighbourhood you can get an authentic experience of how it was in various Danish homes. Visit the apartments and shops and get a real life experience as you step right into someones home and daily life.

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Living History

At Den Gamle By you might see people dressed in historical clothes and practicing activities from another time in history. Watch how they work and do their daily chores. You might talk to them and ask what they are doing.

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Museums in the museum

Besides the homes, workshops and shops at Den Gamle By, you will also find specific museums such as a Toy Museum, Gallery of Decorative Arts, Danish Poster Museum and Musaeum 1927, all with their very own exhibitions.

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Christmas time is very special at Den Gamle By as you get to experience Danish Christmas traditions through 3 decades. There are many activities and Living History all over town starting mid-November.

Christmas at Den Gamle By